Rhonddie van Zyl
Registered Trauma Counsellor


I am an HPCSA Registered Counsellor offering short term counselling sessions using art as a modality for exploring and expressing of emotional content and thoughts. 

I work with children, adolescents, young adults, adults, as well as couples and my field of interest ranges from individual counselling, couple counselling, trauma, loss, sudden loss, stress, grief and bereavement, bullying, stuckness, aggression, divorce, chronic illness, terminal illness, disaster, accidents, self worth and self development. 

I regularly undergo training, attend workshops and am in supervision with an Arts Psychotherapist in order to uphold ethical and professional standards and ensure professional as well as personal growth. 

I am a member of the Institute of Brain Working Recursive Therapy in the UK (BWRT) and am legible to work as a level one BWRT practitioner. I often apply BWRT in the following areas for instance fear of failure, self worth and self confidence issues, fear of authority, success inhibition, phobias and grief. As a BWRT® practitioner I attend regular supervision sessions and subscribe to the BWRT® code of ethics.