A mutual agreement between the counsellor and client must be signed before commencement of the counselling process. The contract will be discussed with the client to ensure the client makes an informed decision and gives consent for consultations and services offered by the practice. The client can terminate the process at any given point in time. The counselling space is completely confidential except in cases where the client is at risk of self-harm and putting others or the counsellor in danger.

Counsellors are legally required to breach confidentiality when ordered by a court of law. Counsellors may breach confidentiality when it is necessary to defend themselves against ethical/legal charges brought by the client. The contract will be discussed with the client before the commencement of counselling to ensure that the client understands the process.

Individual short-term counselling sessions are offered to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. 

Registered counsellors offer short-term intervention therefore a maximum of 6 sessions may be claimed by a client from  is/her particular medical aid fund. Should treatment need to continue the counsellor would have to discuss referral options with the client to arrange for long-term treatment.

Soul Textures is a cash practice and clients accept full responsibility for payment of all accounts for services rendered by the practice immediately. It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure that sufficient funds are allocated by their medical aid scheme for the service provided in order to submit a claim.

Sessions are conducted in Afrikaans / English