What is a Registered Counsellor?

The Health Professions Council of South Africa established a professional category i.e. “Registered Counsellor” to make psychological services accessible to the diverse South African population. Psychological interventions offered by Registered Counsellors focus mainly on prevention, support and the enhancement of wellbeing.

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What is Counselling?

The aim of counselling is to offer clients a safe, non judgmental space where they can explore their behaviour, thoughts, memories and emotions as it comes into awareness in a professional and confidential relationship between the client and counsellor.

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The Contract

A mutual agreement between the counsellor and client must be signed before commencement of the counselling process. The contract will be discussed with the client to ensure the client makes an informed decision and gives consent for consultations and services offered by the practice. The client can terminate the process at any given point in time.

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