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The Process of Counselling with art


“Painting has to get back to its original goal, examining the inner lives of human beings”

– Pierre Bonnard

The process is situated within a psychodynamic framework. Expressive counselling Sessions are non-directive and paced according to the client’s needs. Central to the counselling relationship is the process of image making and the dialogue between the counsellor, client and image takes on a central role. Image making is treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. The process is not about teaching art or art techniques but to engage in a process uncovering the meaning of symbols, colours, textures, marks and stories that come to the surface during sessions. The goal is not to create masterpieces but to explore and express feelings and thoughts in a safe space without judgment and expectations and to connect with lost aspects of the self. 
(Case & Dalley, 1992)


All materials are supplied. Clients are invited to use and experiment a wide range of materials for example sand, foil, paper, card, post cards, string, wool pebbles, shells, glue, paints, pastels, haberdashery, saw dust, masking tape, pens, pencils, permanent markers, paints, chalk, plaster of paris, sponges, bags, rags, paint brushes, finger paints, clay, paper maché, magazines, fabric, paper, card, collage making, pipe cleaners and loads more to play, investigate, explore and express feelings and thoughts.