What is Trauma?

Trauma describes an emotional response to any event that is extremely distressing and at the time of the incident exceeds the person’s ability to cope. The experience of trauma is unique to each person. Symptoms and responses can vary significantly.

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Why Image Making and Trauma?

Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible to speak about a distressing event or we simply cannot find any words for our behaviour and feelings.

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The Process of Counselling with art.

The process is situated within a psychodynamic framework. Expressive counselling Sessions are non-directive and paced according to the client’s needs. Central to the counselling relationship is the process of image making and the dialogue between the counsellor, client and image takes on a central role. Image making is treated with utmost respect and confidentiality.

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The Benefits of Counselling with art.

Creating and reflecting on the art process in a professional counselling relationship can increase your awareness of your relationship with self and others.

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