Trauma describes an emotional response to any event that is extremely distressing and at the time of the incident exceeds the person’s ability to cope. The experience of trauma is unique to each person. Symptoms and responses can vary significantly.

Sources of trauma?

• Any Personal Challenges
• Family Conflict and Relationship Difficulties
• Bereavement, Loss, Tragedy
• Relocation, Life changes, Ongoing Stress, Unemployment
• Stuckness
• Hospitalisations
• Assault, Accidents, Violence
• HIV/AIDS, Illness, Terminal Illness
• Continuous Trauma i.e. Several Traumatic Events
• Emotional Abuse, Neglect
• Early childhood experiences
• Physical Abuse, Sexual abuse, Drug abuse, Addiction, Gangsterism
• Natural disasters
• Crime ridden areas
• School problems, Bullying

Trauma can be identified by a person’s perception of the impact of stressful events on their life. The severity of the event does not necessarily classify an incident as traumatic. If the event or observation of an event is particularly distressing, one should take special precautions to identify trauma and seek treatment as early as possible in order to provide the necessary support and to ensure emotional well-being.